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Name:                    Wai Yan Aung

Childhood Name: ThihaThu


Birthday:                 22 July

Hometown:            Minbu, Magway Region

Nationality:            Myanmar

Marital Status:        Single

Location:                United States

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Public Figure and Social Activist

Pioneer in Myanmar Pageantry

Public figure and social activist Mr. Wai Yan Aung is a pioneer in Myanmar pageantry and the national director of Miss World Myanmar. From a young age, he has been passionate about beauty pageants, dreaming of seeing Myanmar's representatives and national flag on global stages.

After Myanmar was banned from participating in international pageantry for over five decades, Wai Yan Aung became the first national director from the private sector to send Myanmar representatives to world-class international pageants.. With his great efforts in this field of endeavor, Wai Yan Aung founded the Miss Golden Land Myanmar Organization in 2012 together with co-founder and CEO, Han Zaw Latt. Wai Yan Aung's journey has transformed his dream into reality, making him a young entrepreneur and a well-known celebrity in Myanmar, who inspires the youth and the new generation.

Philanthropic Dedication

Wai Yan Aung is a dedicated philanthropist. He organizes beauty contests not only to educate and entertain but also to help those in need and improve society through the pageantry platform. In 2014, he founded the Miss Golden Land Myanmar Charity Foundation to support this mission.

Wai Yan Aung produces role models to represent Myanmar and contribute to charity projects and social activities through the MGLM Charity Foundation. His famous TV shows and the annual Miss Golden Land Myanmar national beauty contest are highly anticipated events in the nation. He also created the Mrs. Myanmar competition for married, divorced, or separated women and single mothers as a women's empowerment program, which has become the most successful Mrs. contest in the country. This program amplifies women's voices and addresses their needs. Additionally, he produces the Mini Mr. and Miss Myanmar contest, the most popular kid event in Myanmar, showcasing children's outstanding talents and personalities.

​Social and Community Contributions


Through his charity foundation, he has raised for worthy causes, HIV-AIDS care, orphanages, senior citizens, disabled persons and people in need. As a young public figure and entrepreneur, he has also made motivational and inspirational talk shows for the youths and education & awareness campaigns at various universities around the nation throughout the year.

He experienced as a jury, participant, facilitator and organizer for a number of workshops, seminars, forums, conference, fashion & film festivals to develop the creative industry in Myanmar.


Achievements and Recognitions

In 2016, his MGLM Org won Best (5) Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year by Fashion Asia 2016 ceremony held in Chongqing, China among hundreds of organizations from fashion industry all over the continent of Asia.

In 2018, Wai Yan Aung founded MGLM Training School where students can learn total-self improvement and confidence development.

In 2019, Wai Yan Aung organized the Mrs. Asia International 2019 beauty contest hosted in Myanmar to promote the tourism and culture of Myanmar through contributing to the international community and international exchanges. 26 representatives from the continent of Asia participated in the contest which was held in Mandalay, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Bagan, Myanmar.

Roles and Responsibilities


Wai Yan Aung serves in creative industry and CSR programs as:

  • Founder & CEO of Miss Golden Land Myanmar Organization

  • Founder of Miss Golden Land Myanmar Charity Foundation

  • Founder of MGLM Training School of Total Self-Improvement and Confidence Development

  • Founder & CEO of Miss Myanmar Organization

  • Founder & Producer of Mister Myanmar Pageant

  • Founder & Producer of Mini Miss Myanmar & Mini Mister Myanmar Pageant

  • National Director of Myanmar for international beauty pageants

       Miss World

       Mr World

       Miss Earth

       Miss Tourism

       Miss Tourism Queen International

       Mrs. Tourism Queen International

  • Founder & CEO of Mrs. Myanmar Organization (Women Empowerment Program)

Activism and Advocacy

Since the Burmese military coup happened in February 2021, Wai Yan Aung has been actively involving as an activist in various campaigns and movements against the military coup to restore democracy and fundamental human rights in Burma (Myanmar). He stands for freedom and justice and speaks out to the world what is happening in Burma (Myanmar). Since the military targeted to arrest him, he had to escape to the border area of Burma (Myanmar) with the help of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR). In December 2021, he had to move to the United States as a refugee due to the high risk of security and life safety.

Currently, as an activist, he has been still actively continuing in the revolutionary movements for the people of Burma (Myanmar) cooperating with various organizations and communities to the freedom of Burma (Myanmar). As a social influencer, he is contributing fundraising campaigns on various social media to support the people in need in Myanmar such as CDMers and IDPs who have to flee due to atrocities committed by the Myanmar military.


Visionary Leadership in Education, New Generation Myanmar

Wai Yan Aung is the visionary Founder and President of New Generation Myanmar (NGM), an institution at the forefront of transforming education in Myanmar. NGM is an online private school dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality education, especially for students in remote areas. With a comprehensive KG+12 curriculum, NGM spans from kindergarten to Grade 12, ensuring students of all ages receive a world-class education. Emphasizing technological advancements and practical engagement, NGM prepares students to meet the diverse challenges of the 21st century.


Under Wai Yan Aung's leadership, NGM is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. He offers lifetime scholarships to students and ensures education is affordable for all, particularly supporting families in need. This initiative reflects Wai Yan Aung's dedication to making education attainable for everyone. By empowering students and nurturing future leaders, NGM stands as a transformative force in Myanmar's education sector, significantly contributing to the nation's development and progress.

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